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Do you want your documents to be more than Arial and Times New Roman? Do you want business cards with the same colour scheme as your website? Do you want a logo that reflects the technical products and services you offer?

Starting from a unique logo, I can create a consistent look across webpages, report and presentation templates, business cards, digital and physical promo materials, and more. Your products and services deserve a visual identity that is as good as your technical expertise!

Drawing Improvements

Do you have an AutoCAD drawing that isn't scaling properly in viewports? Are you in need of a new title block with your logo? Might a suite of CAD templates improve you and your team's workflow and your odds of being the winning bid?


I have 8 years of engineering drafting experience and will take your drawings' appearance and readability

to the next level!


Are you looking to capture those "aha" moments during a conference or? Do you have a technical product you don't quite know how to showcase?


As a scholar and researcher, I have first-hand understanding of typical conference and symposia formats and rhythms. I have photographed 13 science and engineering conferences and symposia to date along with engagements, birthday parties, showers, and family portraits. I can bring the worst volcano at a science fair to life and grab the eyes of a speaker looking down the entire time!

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About Me

Michelle Liu


Engineer, Designer, Researcher (PhD '25), Law Student (JD '23)

I have always been uncompromising about the way things look on paper and on screens. I used to re-write entire pages of homework in elementary and high school just because I didn't like how narrow of a margin I left or the combination of pen colours I used. In my undergrad, I spent almost as much time formatting reports and designing figures as I did developing technical content. I believe every piece of work deserves a visual identity that is on par with the quality of its content.

Through word-of-mouth recommendations, more and more project teams and startups at the University of Waterloo, my alma mater, approached me for help on visual identity and web design. From there, I took the leap to turn this work into a formal gig and can happily confirm that most organizations (yes, even in engineering) care about looking good!

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